Toomas Parve

03.1949 - 04.2020

     PhD. in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering



Professional tasks: 
Hourly paid teacher (2015-2016) 
Senior researcher (part time in 2014, last time elected for the period 2012-2014) 
at the Baselab for Electronics and Communication Research (known also as SiE)
in the Th.J.Seebeck Department of Electronics (ELIN), Tallinn University of Technology (the TUT)  

Holder of the Chair of Electronic Measurements (the MESEL) in 2008-2013.
(The Chair of Applied Electronics in 2011-2013)

The main scientific interests: 
Lock-in measurement technology (please, see the page of research in lock-in measurement technology at the MESEL).
Measurement of the electrical bio-impedance (please, see the page of research in biomedical electronics at the MESEL).

Contribution in the study process:  
Biomedical electronics / Biomeditsiinielektroonika 
                 (also an e-learning course on the Moodle server of the ITFE (HITSA) Innovation Centre, former Estonian e-University).
                 The course is an EViCaB oriented course. 
Juhtimine ja side elektronsüsteemides / Communication and Control in Electronic Systems.
For more information, please, see the main page.  

Proposals of research and development projects (for graduation works, etc.). 

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