Toomas Parve
03.1949 - 04.2020


PhD. in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering



Contribution in the study process:

Courses for the undergraduate and master students:
IEM0100 Juhtimine ja side elektronsüsteemides / Communication and Control in Electronic Systems.
IEM0210 Bioonika / Bionics.
IEM3240 Biomedical Electronics / Biomeditsiinielektroonika
IEE0740 Biomedical Electronics / Biomeditsiinielektroonika
                 Formerly IEM0070 Biomedical electronics / Biomeditsiinielektroonika 
                 (also an e-learning course on the Moodle server of the ITFE (HITSA) Innovation Centre, former Estonian e-University).
                 A course oriented towards the EViCaB curriculum. 

Subjects for the postgraduate students:
IEM9040 Bioonika / Bionics.
Corresponding former courses:
IEM9000 Füsioloogia ja tehnoloogia I: Biomimeetika / Physiology and Technology I: Biomimetics.
IEM9010 Füsioloogia ja tehnoloogia II: Bioimpedants / Physiology and Technology II: Bioelectrical Impedance.

Contribution in the study courses of the Chair formerly:
IEM0210 Bioonika / Bionics.
IEM0220 Füsioloogia ja tehnika / Physiology and engineering.
IEM0230 Juhtimine ja side elektonsüsteemides / Communication and Control in Electronic Systems.
IEM0100 Juhtimine ja side elektronsüsteemides / Communication and Control in Electronic Systems.
IEM3220 Physiology and engineering / Füsioloogia ja tehnika 
Contribution in the study courses of the Chair formerly has remained in the frames of the list of subjects for individual specialisation oriented studies (in Estonian), the main amongst which have been the following ones:
LEM9900  Phase-sensitive Measurements/Faasitundlikud mõõtmised.
(LEM8610 Bioelectrical Impedance and Its Measurement/ Bioimpedants ja selle mõõtmine is an old version for LEM8020)

Parts in the courses:
IED9030 Elektroonika ja bioonika / Electronics and bionics.
                 Peamiselt selle 6. ptk. ("Bioonika") osas / Mainly in part of the Chapter 6 of the course ("Bionics").

Contribution in the study work in general (a graph).
Auditorial work in the ELIN (lesson plan for the spring semester 2014).
Auditorial work in the ELIN (lesson plan for the autumn semester 2014).
Auditorial work in the ELIN (lesson plan for the spring semester 2015).

Professional tasks:
Hourly paid teacher (2015).
Senior researcher (part time in 2014) at the Baselab for Electronics and Communication Research (known also as SiE) in Th.J.Seebeck Department of Electronics (ELIN).  (Elected for the period 2012-2014).
Holder of the Chair of Electronic Measurements (MESEL) in 2008-2013.   (The Chair of Applied Electronics in 2011-2013)
Leader of the Biomedical Electronics Section of the Estonian Electronics Society.
Representative of the Estonian Electronics Society at the Estonian Qualifications Authority (Kutsekoda).
Member of the IEEE I&M, EMB, and earlier also Education Societies, the Chair of the IM/ED/EMB group of the IEEE Estonia Section (from 2014 to 2018) (please, see the report page).
Member of the Estonian Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Society (EBMÜ/EBMS) .

Scientific interests:
Lock-in measurement technology (please, see the page of research in lock-in measurement technology).
Measurement of the electrical bio-impedance (please, see the MESEL's page on research in biomedical electronics, incl. the electrical bio-impedance measurement).
Measurement of phase noise.
Proposals of topics for bachelor and master level graduation works.
(2014 spring)
Publications in journals (peer reviewed and other), in conference issues, et al., authorship in inventions.

Spare time interests / Hobbies:
Architecture (design ideas, urban design), Ethnolinguistics, Magnetic Tape Recording (analogue mode), Medicine (electrodiagnostics, orthotrophy), Music (to listen, mostly the pop-music), Politics (local, economical, monetary, national).
(listed here in alphabetical order)

Curriculum Vitae
CV in the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS):
In Estonian:

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