Electronic Measurements related Conferences, Seminars etc.

The 8th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference BEC'2002,
The Section of Instrumentation and Measurement.

Seminars, Workshops, etc. in the Nordic-Baltic Region


Local Seminars and Workshops (in Estonia)

IEEE Eesti seminarid TTÜ-s.
Workshops on Electronics.
The seminars for postgraduate students of the RASI and the ELIN.
The seminars in the ELIN.

Lectures, Courses

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BioMedical Electronics related conferences etc..


The 7th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference BEC'2000,
The Section of Instrumentation and Measurement.
The 6th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference BEC'98,
The Section of Instrumentation and Measurement.
The 8-th Int. IMEKO TC-13 Conf. on Biomedical Measurements BMI'98, October 1998, Zagreb, Horvatia-Croatia (local page BMI'98).
Investigation of the Bioelectromagnetical Physiological Measurement Methods by Modelling. 24-26 March 1998, in Universitas Tartuensis.
Jari Hyttinen (Tampere UT) as the main lecturer..
The X. Int. Conf. on Electrical Bio-impedance ICEBI'98, April 1998, Barcelona, Catalunya, Espania.
LFTY:n Syysseminaari "Bioimpedanssimittausten uusi tuleminen / Bioimpedance - New Promises", 9-10.10.1997, RGI, TUT, Tampere, Suomi-Finland.
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, 14-19 September 1997, Nice, France.
The XIV IMEKO World Congress in Tampere, Suomi-Finland, 1997 (incl. The Measurements in BioMedicine).
The 10th Nordic-Baltic Conference on BioMedical Engineering NBCBME'96 in Tampere, Suomi-Finland, and its satellite BEMBMM'96 in Tallinn, Estonia.

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